Welcome and thank you for visiting Raw Pawz. We are here to help you as a Cat & Dog owner make more informed choices about the care of your pet.

We take pride in supplying New Zealand grown food.  Some conventional pet foods can be inadequate for the diet and health of your cats and dogs, and may not be the best and only choice that you have to provide your pets.

We make it easy for you to improve your cat and dog's overall health and well being, view our Pet Diet Planning below for your personal food menu, including what to order and how much this will cost!

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Tauranga Farmers Market every Saturday.
We attend the Tauranga Farmers market each Saturday. Come along and pick up your cat or dog food from us.


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Good Dog Owners Deserve A Break

Wednesday, May 31, 2017
Local council plans to deal with menacing dogs will do little to solve the problem and actively encourages bad dog owners, while punishing good dog owners, says local expert Nita Maaka. Tauranga Council City Council and Western Bay of Plenty Council recently announced they were to offer an amnesty for owners of menacing dogs (http://www.westernbay.govt.nz/our-council/news/Pages/Councils-offer ..

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